CHORUS game review: dark and cold space

Creating a cool space-themed action film is not something everyone can do. It’s hard to interest the public with a twisted plot and comic gunfire. In the past, fans of the theme have enjoyed Freelancer, with the promise of Star Citizen in the near future. Not too long ago, Chorus appeared in a mobile version. And soon a console and PC version is expected. The game came out quite interesting and enjoyable.

About the Chorus pilot

In the future, humanity has conquered the most of the galaxy and explored numerous star systems. But a global problem arose in the form of the Cult, led by the Prophet. To promote his ideas of equality and brotherhood, the grim old man enlists the help of the dark forces.

The main character, represented by pilot Nara, confronts the Abyss, though at first she served on its side. Chorus is a serious epic. Nara was the executioner of the Abyss and is not at all prone to jokes. She is a strong and rugged girl, whose character is portrayed as faithfully as possible by the screenwriters. The character of the pilot reveals gradually, and the plot is far from primitive. As the game progresses, the girl is perceived as a real heroine.

Chorus gameplay

Stars are a plus

The gameplay at first is reminiscent of the days of flying arcades. And the ship controls aren’t exactly user-friendly. But after a while, new mechanics emerge in the game. Nara applies the skills of ramming or stunning enemies. Then the heroine gets the ability to teleport, which makes the battles more dynamic.

The armour and weapon upgrade system is not particularly deep. Upgrades such as health, speed or energy upgrades are provided. Special rewards are available if the ship is well built. Players can also take advantage of pumping passive skills and rituals. In order to improve abilities, mini-challenges must be passed. After only a few hours of play, new counters can make steering the ship easier.

Space realities

But the developers also use not the best achievements in game fashion. To get upgrades in Chorus, you have to complete the campaign. There isn’t enough for all the acquisitions, so you have to do side quests in the open world. To get your ship upgraded you’ll have to defend caravans and explore locations.

But some side quests are quite acceptable. As an option, control of a heavy cruiser or the use of experimental weapons is offered.

Pulling up the timing is not even the side quests, but the battles with bosses, which are represented by arcade variants with certain scenarios.

Overall, Chorus is a good and entertaining game for a few evenings. Bright explosions and addictive battles with asteroid belts and lasers will thrill anyone. You could say it’s a fascinating single-player campaign. The heroine is also appealing, with a well-developed character. Also worth noting are the pretty pictures, useful upgrade systems and special abilities that simplify ship-to-ship firefights.