Halo Infinite: Was the experiment a failure?

Halo Infinite has been awaited by the fans for 6 years. Whether the game lived up to the fans’ expectations, now let’s find out.

The soul of the heroes

The developers introduced new character in the long-awaited game – ancient enemy of Precursors, that is considered to be the global threat in the book “Precursors Saga”. Cortana, Master Chief’s partner, has also become a major character.

A gang of “exiles” led by Atriox attacked the Infinity ship and Master Cheef was defeated. This is where the plot begins, as Cheef begins to restore order. A new AI character, Weapon, comes to his aid. Together they must find out how to stop the Exiles. The story is a lot like Sony Santa Monica’s 2018 God of War. Character story development is there in the game.

Master Chief becomes more human and tries to right his wrongs. The Weapon AI is smart and optimistic, and it’s also given the lead scenario.

The game features excellent direction with cinematic cutscenes. Thanks to its special techniques, the player is able to be fully present in the action.

Halo Infinite gameplay

Interesting game solutions Halo Infinite

It is worth noting the good quality of the shooting mechanics and the clashes with the enemies. There is no need to get bored while playing through the various levels of difficulty. It can be completed without being distracted by the open world improvements.

Defeating the bosses requires a personal touch and a specific strategy. For the war against the mini-bosses, available means are used.

The development of Halo Zeta also seems interesting. Tasks to free bases and rescue soldiers are not as simple as they first seem.

What’s nice is that the developers encourage players to explore the world. In every corner you can find something hidden. Achievements can be gained on the highest mountain. And some boosts are available after several stages of battles.

Cons of the game
Halo Infinite is one of the best projects of 2021, but it also leaves a lot to be desired technically. One of the problems has to do with optimization and picture quality. Because of the application updates the game offers to buy it again, because the account details are not read correctly.

It is also worth noting the disrespectful attitude towards Russian players. The Russian localization does not correspond to the original (in the original characters say one thing, but the subtitles show quite another).


In spite of all the technical problems, Halo Infinite is one of the best games of the year. The story and characters grab your attention and hold on to it until the end. The gameplay is compelling thanks to the abilities of Master Chief.

Worth noting are the following benefits:

  • new abilities of the main character;
  • many exciting battles;
  • shooting mechanics and intelligent enemy abilities;
  • relationships between players and weapons.

The company also offers a new online mode. Working with the community is impressive; all player wishes are taken into account. As a result, new modes and progression adjustments are being introduced.