(PUBG) PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile review

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a high-quality battle royale that is enjoying unprecedented audience success. The project represents a true revelation in the world of gaming. The mobile version is suitable for different types of devices and is the best game in the world of gadgets.

The maps in Battle Royale

The game uses a single King’s Battle mode. The plot unfolds around an island and a hundred people. The mobile version is laconic. There’s just everything you need, including the usual vehicles such as jeeps, motorbikes, buggies and UAZs.

There are three maps in the game. Two of them are large – Miramar and Erangel, and the third one is small – Sanuk. Each map features a unique weapon.

PUBG PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gameplay

PUBG: Maps in Battle Royale                                                               

At launch, the game prompts you to create your own character. There are several types of faces and hairstyles to choose from. The game’s interface is simple and straightforward. The developers have cleverly arranged the main parts of the navigation.

PUBG Mobile has an in-game shop of different skins. Here you can find the main options for cases and choose the game currency. Each day the player can count on certain bonuses, and after a week of daily logins is entitled to a box of clothing. You can also get items if you meet the conditions in the game.

If you wish, you can contribute to the improvement of the game. To do so, click on the report tab.

Battle Features

A fundamental part of the game is its battles. In addition to regular players, there are bots playing here. In PUBG Mobile, you can choose the first-person option, which allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of survival to the fullest. In the game you have to constantly get ammo. To pass the dynamic battles it is worth turning off the automatic selection of resources.

Graphics and sounds

PUBG Mobile surpasses many alternative games in terms of visuals. The graphical capabilities can be seen in first-person matches. But it’s better to use filters that make the picture look much better.

Sounds play an important role, helping you to hear your opponents and get ahead of the game.

Performance issues

Performance issues PUBG Mobile can cause problems on weak devices. For these cases, there is a version of PUBG Mobile Lite, which is not suitable for devices that support the standard version. To improve performance, reduce graphics settings.