The most beautiful mobile games

Here is a small overview of the most beautiful mobile games today. There is a large selection of projects for smartphones, but many of them are characterised by primitive graphics. Note games that are pleasant to play at any time due to the aesthetic images.

Grand Mountain Adventure

Meditation game is to ski or snowboard down the mountain. In the process, you can do different tricks, braking or jumping. A free version is available. Suitable for playing on a large monitor.

Unruly Heroes

This game is based on the Chinese novel Journey to the West. The main objective is to collect all the elements of the sacred scroll. The adventure involves the monkey king Sun Wukong. During the game you not only have to fight with enemies, but also solve puzzles. There are 30 levels.


This game will take a few hours to complete. In the process, you will be able to enjoy different game genres. The main focus of the story is the hero, who is valiantly fighting the forces of evil. The game is notable for its user-friendly controls.

Final Fantasy XV

The game transfers everything from the original version of the project. There are heroes and missions present. But the characters look more simplified in the game, but you can navigate the interface. Passage of the first chapter is free, and then you need to pay.

LifeAfter: Night falls

An online multiplayer game is a survival game in a city with live humans and zombies. In the process, players can learn different activities. The project features one of the largest worlds.

Sky: Children of the Light

This project is a meditation. It is interesting, even just to move around the world and consider everything. The main objective of the game is the return of the stars. Each of the stars is a story of a spirit personality. The game can be downloaded completely free of charge.

Bright Memory Mobile

In the game, you can admire the gorgeous scenery. There are all sorts of effects in the form of telekinesis ability of the characters, time dilation, and also provided for passing puzzles. Characters are easy to control, as there are a large number of buttons on the screen. The game is distinguished by its dynamism and special beauty.


The detailing is improved over the previous version, as well as the addition of modern counterparts. Players can put things in the boot. The interface is sleek and mobile.

Marvel Future Revolution

One of the most beautiful smartphone games features an interesting storyline based on the merging of two worlds. You can play as specific characters. There are many references to characters, places, or events during the course of the game. On the downside, it’s also difficult to control the character with your fingers. The game can be downloaded for free.