Thief stealth review

Thief, is a stealth action game with RPG elements. It is a completely new story in the Thief series.


New part inherits the world of Thief: Deadly Shadows, but with a new reimagining: the factions of the previous game were split up, but their temples remain as a memory of the past; there is still a touch of steampunk and Victorian era. Glyphs, the walking dead, significant structures such as Moira’s Asylum and references to the Trickster also remain.

The gameplay is based on the choice of using the quiet bypass or going through the guards. As in all stealth games, the hero can steal things and pick pockets, but if someone spots the protagonist, there will be carnage. If the player takes cover, however, the game’s intelligence will tell the enemies how to get to the hero better and faster.

The game presents a small number of weapons: club, bows of different types, arrows with different effects, as well as throwing, which can be pumped. As the game progresses, the player can upgrade skills for quick kills or stealth. In addition, with each passing minute the enemies become more sighted, but the gamer can navigate using the level of light.


Master thief Garrett and his apprentice, Erin, take on the difficult job of stealing the Primali Stone, located in Northcrest Fortress. Once there, the heroes encounter the baron and his servants. They are preparing for some sort of ritual. Realizing something is not good, Garrett wants to leave, but Erin decides to sneak into the castle through the glass of the roof. However, the glass cracks, but the protagonist grabs the girl and falls himself. Erin falls, and the hero uses a claw in time to hit the Thief Catcher’s leg. At this time there are explosions.

Soon the hero finds himself in a wagon. The city is turned into a blockade, where a new disease begins. After waking up, Garrett goes to an old chapel, where he receives a letter from Basso, who asks to meet him. Basso suggests that the hero steal Cornelius’ ring from the crematorium. Once there, the hero takes the ring and meets with the Thief Catcher. Garrett escapes.

Soon the hero meets Orion, who wants to go up against Northcrest. It is for him that the protagonist has stolen the ring. Orion asks the thief to find the book at the House of Flowers. Garrett knew that Erin had been there and so he went to her house. After a while, the hero takes the medallion with the glyphs and makes his way to Xiao-Xiao’s house. After solving the mystery, the hero finds the book.

The thief soon discovers that Basso has been kidnapped by the Trapper, who has locked up the miser in an impregnable fortress. Sneaking in, the hero rescues Basso and confronts the Trapper. In the fight Garrett is wounded in the arm, but he hastily escapes. The protagonist asks Basso for help: on a boat he and the thief must travel to Moira’s cursed asylum to find out about Primal and Erin. While inside the asylum, the hero begins to have glitches.

After a while the hero learns the whole truth about Primal and Erin, it turns out that Orion wants to get Primal with Cornelius’ ring, the book and Garrett’s eye. Soon the hero sees the Primal stone himself in the mine, but encounters the Trapper and escapes again. Now the thief needs to find Orion.

Having found Orion, the hero takes the girl and fights the Trapper. It transpires that Erin is part of Primalee. Erin resists Garrett, but he manages to capture Primal in a book and rescue Erin.

Thief is one of the best stealth games ever made. The video game conveys to users the whole atmosphere of the time with the addition of sci-fi, but this failed to give the game high marks.