Top 10 best mobile card games for Android and iOS

Collectible Card Games (ccg)

Card games are a great option for use on mobile gadgets. Moving cards with your fingers is very convenient, as it creates a full-fledged impression of a real game. Projects are provided on the platforms, within which you have to complete complete complete decks. The game system is complete with all-important innovative ideas. Our review presents the most interesting card games of different genres for mobile.


A classic game in the CCG genre that appeared in 2014. Since then, the gameplay has undergone systematic updates.

The Elder Scrolls

The game features a division of the game’s territory into two different lines, which makes you think about strategic decisions. Regular updates and action in a spectacular universe add to the pluses of the project.


In this game, you can get any map you want for free and play in any selected mode. As a result, the game is more cooperative.

Clash Royale

The game is developed by the Supercell studio. The developers have chosen a popular genre and improved the project. Here all the most effective from other card projects – strategic components and the creation of the deck.

Regins: Game of Thrones

In an ingenious card game, you will need to control an entire kingdom. You’ll have to answer questions to earn a certain reputation. It’s important to find a balance between all the political branches to ensure the best rule. All the adventures take place in Westeros from the well known TV series.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The game with a mobile version belongs to the Magic: The Gathering franchise. It was originally released in desktop form back in 1993. The computer adaptation involves battles between different players.

Card Thief

This is one of the best options among similar games created by game designer Arnold Rowers. With the help of cards, the player can get different types of treasures. During the game, it is required to fill pockets and hide from guards.


Asmodee Digital presents a large assortment of board and card games that are also available in digital variations. The game, with its high quality gameplay, is designed to form decks. It was made by the Magic: The Gathering tournament participants themselves, so it’s well thought out. There are different modes and more than 50 cards.

Exploding Kittens

The game is a kind of Russian roulette, but with card manipulation. Players pull cards until they get one that explodes. There are many valuable cards in this game, which provide protection against explosions.

Meteorfall: journey

This is a card-based project with the components of a roguelike. In it, you must choose one of the four adventurers, and then set off to collect a deck. During the course of the game, you’ll need to fight bosses and enemies, and purchase new cards from the shops.


Shadowverse is a popular game title with many players checking in every day. Depending on your interests, it has a special mode with different card battles as well as historical modes.

Marvel Battle Lines.

The game is a card battler that offers a new perspective on this type of game. In the project, you collect card versions of Marvel’s heroes and villains and then create a card deck. You also battle with other players, and the gameplay takes place in a special field with a grid.


A simple card game that is a combination of a bagel and solitaire. In the process, you’ll fight baddies, find and mod functional equipment, and play solitaire.

Star Realms

A game for those who like card games and space adventures. Battler can be played for free. To unlock the entire experience, all you have to do is make one in-game purchase. This will give you access to the different modes.

Brave Hand

Card Battler provides a single player game. It provides a challenging and thoughtful storyline. The luxurious graphics are considered to be an added plus.