Top 3 scary PC games

People, for some reason, love to be scared and have their nerves tickled. This is supported by the fact that the horror genre remains one of the most popular in the entertainment industry: Stephen King can’t lie. Here and the game industry in this plan does not want to break away from the masses and periodically releases horror projects of varying levels of quality. Below will be described about the most terrifying games on the PC, that are able to make the hearts of players beat faster.

Alien: Isolation. Scary space

Alien: Isolation.

Alien franchise games are few and far between, but not too many good ones. Alien: Isolation is an exception to the rule and a perfect example of how we need to make games based on the movies. The storyline is original and widens the franchise’s “universe”, telling the story of Amanda Ripley, the daughter of the protagonist of the movie. She goes to the “Sevastopol” station to find out the truth about her mother’s fate, but encounters a formidable horror. Something has clearly happened on the station, as people have panicked and formed violent groups, androids have turned into walking killing machines. It soon becomes clear that Alien is running rampant in the complex, and he will become the main antagonist. The game is made in first person, and gameplay is based on survival and item creation. The monster will hunt Amanda at every moment of the game, but it’s impossible to kill him; you can only scare him away or escape from him. This game has an oppressive, suspenseful atmosphere and captures the spirit of the original film.

Resident Evil VII for PC, PS4

Resident Evil VII

There are already eight numbered parts in Resident Evil series, but the seventh one was chosen, because it is the scariest one. The gameplay was implemented from the first person, which had a positive impact on the immersion. All the action horror project unfolds in the American outback, namely in the house of a crazy farm family. Players have to survive in this unfriendly place, revealing all the secrets of inhospitable hosts. As usual, you’ll have to pace around in the dark, solve riddles and puzzles, count every bullet and take care of first-aid boxes. The first half of the game is particularly scary. Also you can pass the project in a VR-helmet and this experience will be remembered for a long time.



This is a first-person action adventure game set in a psychiatric hospital. Rumors of some creepy experiments are conducting here, and you need to uncover all the dark secrets of this place. The protagonist is a journalist and therefore he has no weapon and no fighting skills. Going to the hospital, the protagonist faces a real nightmare that makes his hair stand on end. Now he has to survive here, hiding and running away from every danger. The project keeps him constantly on edge, and the feeling of helplessness makes him even more afraid.